you need
  • - a sledgehammer;
  • - trumpet;
  • - sheet metal;
  • - cutting metal;
  • - lead from batteries;
  • - welding machine;
  • - jigsaw metal;
  • - metal rod;
  • - Tripod;
  • - hook;
  • - block;
  • - rope or chain.
to drive a small pole with a small diameter and height (1.5 meters), use the usual sledgehammer.Plug it into the intended place and lock (to keep it initially can your assistant).Scores a first weak beats, and when the post will surely stay in the ground, ask the assistant to move and hit with full force.
to drive high and wide pillar, make a special tool - head (a woman).Take a piece of pipe about a meter long.The inner diameter of the pipe should be slightly greater than the diameter o
f the column so that it is free it is worn.
Cut out a circle of metal plate, corresponding to the diameter of the pipe and the one end of the brew.Welded to the end of the tube something heavy, such as metal scraps.The total weight of the headstock should reach 10-30 kg, the harder it is, the easier it will be to score poles .
Try heavier grandmother as follows: from a sheet of metal cut out a circle equal to the inner diameter of the pipe and weld is not the end, but a few inches from the edge (inside).The resulting cup pour molten lead of the failed batteries.
From durable rod cut two handles, about a meter long.End bars bend angle 90⁰, it will handle.Weld handles on both sides of the pipe from the opposite side of the weighting.Hands should be long, act not less than 50 cm down the tube.
If possible, make the handle variable length, to change their length as plugging column.Handles can wrap electrical tape to make it easier to work with.
Set pole in the target site, put it on top of his grandmother.Lift up the design of the handle 50 cm, then lower the power down.The severity of this tool will help you to score pole evenly and horizontally.The pipe will slide along the pole, and the impact will always be directed along the axis.
order to facilitate the rise of the headstock, set the tripod, towering above the upper point of the column.At the top of the block, suspend, and grandmother to weld a solid hook.Take a strong rope or chain and tie it to a hook, thread it through the unit.Pull the other end, thus raising the grandmother, then abruptly let go.Clogging of the pillars with such instruments to be held for you very quickly and without difficulty.