you need
  • - insulation;
  • - steam;
  • - sealant;
  • - foam;
  • - flame retardants;
  • - anti-mold primer;
  • - brushes and rollers.
Thermal insulation on the attic floor cherdakaNastelite vapor barrier of polyethylene, tar paper or roofing felt.Pour on it a layer of granular material of insulation: expanded clay, slag or sawdust ecowool with non-combustible additives.The layer thickness should be about 200 mm.
Pour insulation screed.Good dry and carpeted walk boards.Do not forget to handle all fire impregnation.
Wall insulation inside the walls pomescheniyaSnimite wallpaper or decorative paneling.Treat the cleaned surfaces Primers, deep penetration again
st the fungus.
Check all corners and joints with floors and ceilings for holes, of which blowing.Caulk large hole assembly foam or tow.Make a new interior trim.
Warming old okonDemontiruyte trim, soffits and window sills inside and house.Scrape all the gaps where the frame is joined to the wall.Fill with fresh assembly foam.Dry.Cut off the excess and put in place all the removed parts of the window trim.
Put the glass on the silicone sealant, then nail the bead and then fill with sealant.Seal the frame.
Warming polaPokroyte sex film, which will delay the penetration of moisture.Place on top of chipboard.Avoid the appearance of cruciform joints.On the basis of made to lay the selected floor covering.Such a warming of at least 10 cm to reduce the distance between the floor and ceiling, which in the old house e can be critical.
If rustic house e and so low ceilings, then pay attention to the walls, windows and attic, and on the floor lay a thick carpet.
Warming fasadaObrabotayte outer surface house and antiseptics and flame-retardant impregnation.Backfill the hole with foam explicit.The distance between the rims clean out as much as possible and re-caulk.
Make crate exterior walls wooden beam that promazhte flame retardant.Insert the cell plates prepared with mineral wool or polystyrene foam insulation.Secure the material dowels.Top will be coated siding, brick or artificial stone.