simplest version of the bunker - a hole on the bottom of which is placed a stone or a tree.The walls of the pit are covered tree to avoid possible slipping of the earth.And the roof of the bunker is this: pit covered with wooden planks, as well as multiple layers of polyethylene.After that you need to fill up the roof at least dvadtsatisantimetrovym layer of earth.In addition, the need to equip the input (in combination also ventilation) and toilet.
To build the entrance, you can
take the tube to the desired diameter installed in it germodveryu.To make the toilet, you should dig another pit for example pits bunker and then between her and bin do pass.Do not forget about the water supply, which adapts to the barrel without a bottom, rooted to the spot so that it accumulated under the ground water (if any).In case you have to live in a bunker for a long time, you need to stock up on water and air filters, as well as to establish an electric generator.
bunker made of concrete and iron is much more reliable, but also more complex in construction.It is to be positioned at a depth of 2 to 10 meters.The base of the silo is covered with half a meter of sand.Then it falls concrete layer.Then pour the concrete should be reinforcing cage, which will form the base of the hopper when dry.
Next built a framework of reinforcement for the rooms and walls and iron molds.The main condition here is that the design of the ceiling should not extend beyond the hole.Between the earth and the outer wall of the silo should be set to fill sand and waterproofing.
Entrance to the hopper is better to make a small room made of reinforced concrete, surrounded by foam concrete blocks.The very passage into the bunker to make the best out of the sewer rings.At the entrance to the room itself should set germodver bunker.The hopper should not be less than two ventilation ducts to be positioned at a distance from the hopper at least 3 meters.These mines will also play the role of emergency exits or exits in case of any emergencies.Do not forget about the installation in the premises of the hopper electric generator sets of filters for air and water, and also cleans toilets (biotoilets).