Wooden fence assembled on site and installed on metal or wooden joists.They are mounted on metal poles.Consider these fences will not serve long.It is necessary to exercise constant care for the tree.To serve such a barrier will be from 5 to 10 years.It was during this period of time deteriorate and rot poles horizontal design.Even with these qualities, wooden fence is almost the most popular type of hedge.Of the merits of it may be noted an affordable price, easy installation, easy replacement of rotten or broken item.
have wooden fence rather simple design.It consists of supporting pillars.They also broke into the ground and fix them horizontal cross - lags.It lags advocate support wooden batten fence.Crate is a fixed vertical and horizontal board.
Currently not very popular fences that consist entirely of wood.T
hat is, all the elements, including fence posts are made of wood.Their replaced by the fence, made of composite material.Pillars erected of brick, concrete, metal, logs can also be made of metal and wooden crate left.This fence will last much longer than normal.Note the lower part of the fence of concrete pillars metal could eventually come into disrepair.It is necessary during installation to cover the lower part of the pillar layers of bitumen.
Transverse logs fence must have their parameters.They depend on the length of the flight, the weight of the enclosing structure and the quality of the material itself.For example, for the fence, the length of which not more than 2 meters, and the enclosing part of the fence is made of, it is possible to make the cross of softwood lumber to the cross section 50x50 or 60x60 millimeters.It is best suited for this purpose, the board thickness is 50x100 millimeters.They are placed vertically on edge.Due to the vertical stiffness of the fence will be easier and cheaper.