Building round home , like any other, begins with the laying of the foundation.Less weight of the building makes it possible to arrange a light foundation pile.Make a hole in the ground in a circle home to a depth greater than the depth of soil freezing.Fill the drain to "cushion" of sand and gravel, insert into the holes asbestos pipes and lay them steel pipes D76, Grout holes.Connect all of the pile area L50, color.
for strapping the bottom and under the floor joists, you will need the board 150h50 mm.Mark the length, cut, drill the holes for the mounting process the protective structure, fasten them to the corner of M12 bol
ts.From the same floor boards do lag.
carcass home need welded connectors, metal circular ring beams that connect multiple boards of the frame in one place.Cut the pipe D76 to a length of 75-80 mm and cook them with metal bands 40h110mm, drill holes for fasteners.Connectors will have different amounts of radiation.They may be symmetric or asymmetric.The number of connectors and their construction should be calculated in advance.
carcass home start by installing racks in height of 800 mm and horizontal bars.Connect their connectors with screws.
After the first horizontal row of the assembly proceed to the second row of triangles set on the base.Immediately following fasten their horizontal edges, then they immediately fall into place, and gain rigidity.
Collect other series using the connectors and beam 50h150 mm.The dome should converge at the top in one connector.
Obsheyte frame plates OSB (oriented strand derevoplita rain) inside and outside, except for the triangular window and door openings.The inside of the frame fill insulation mineral-based.
Dome roof liner close carpet of tar paper, or other waterproof material.Glue joints.Place it on top of the shingles according to the technology.Insert windows and doors, arrange the inside floor, decorated room.