Tip 1: How to warm frozen sewer

owners of private homes are sometimes faced with the problem of freezing the water drain.To her warm up, sometimes you have to break the frozen ground.But there is an easier way.
First, check for frozen sewage into the sewer or sump sump.After all, the crust can interfere with runoff.Then just break the ice and touch the sewers is not necessary.
for thawing frozen sewer Construct a simple device.Take the steel cable and attach the tape to the entire length of the hose gidrourovnya.
One end of the hose shoved into sewer , and attach to the other conventional plastic bucket of mayonnaise.To do this, heat a small piece of the tube with a diameter of about 5 mm and solder it to the bucket.Fit the hose from the pipe gidrourovnya.Secure the bucket is at a height of 1.5 meters.
As of the first sewer pipe will leak water, with the help of tees make a special outlet and place a bowl.
skipyatite Now the water in the kettle, and slowly pour in the bucket.This a
rrangement allows hot water flow directly to the frozen section of pipe.Wait ten minutes until thawed a small portion of the pipe, then advanced on a rope until it stops.Again, pour hot water in a bucket.Carry out the work as long as drainage is not completely thawed, and the water will begin to quietly leave.
Now heat the ten liters of water and pour it into the sewer , all to finally clean.
The same device can be used for thawing plumbing.Only in this case, use the hose from the system and reduce the diameter of the rope.
If frozen sewage is pretty far from home, have a place to break the freeze.After his release from the soil pipe heating of her blowtorch or a special appliance that resembles a heating pad.To do this, wrap the self-adhesive heating pad on the pipe and connect it to the power supply.
But in any case, do not try to build a homemade heater and shove it into the pipe - this is very dangerous.

Tip 2: What if frozen sewer

Freezing sewage - an unpleasant phenomenon, because of which you can not use water.If time does not take effective measures to resolve the problem, the situation will only get worse, and the restoration of the sewerage system in the future will have to spend more money.
What if frozen sewer
freezing of sewage - a rare phenomenon, asThey are constantly moving and outlet have a temperature of 15-20S.Usually, this problem is typical for country houses, in which the seasonal residence.Many trying to avoid freezing, leave a trickle of water, hoping that the movement of the water will not freeze sewage.However, this is not so;freezing starts from the walls, so the minimum flow of water will not prevent an emergency situation, but only make it worse.But what if the problem has already occurred?

warming blowtorch and hot water

most often occurs in the freezing point of entry of the pipe into the ground.If drainage is made of metal pipes, it makes sense to dig the place input (output) of the pipe and try to warm up the problematic place a blowtorch.In the case where the place is located close to the freezing room, you can simultaneously pour in boiling water (brine).If you plug away, then do it useless - the water on the way to cool down.To determine the point of freezing, use the wire, pushing it into the tube.

Another way to eliminate the ice jams - electric.Its essence is that the ends of the sewer is connected wires and serves a small electrical voltage at high current.For these purposes, you can use a welding machine.If these methods do not help, and the place of freezing located underground, you have to dig a trench.

steam method of warming

is considered one of the most effective.To implement it will need a steam generator, which can be rented from any company engaged in the repair of pipelines.Ferry warmed tube of any material, includingand plastic.The process of using the steam generator is simple: it is enough to run the device and push the steam pipe to the problem pipe (until it abuts the stopper).As the ice melts and the steam pipe should be promoted.This method is safe for pipes and quite effective - however, have to spend money to buy or rent equipment.If unable to purchase or rent a steam generator can "make" his own.It is necessary to take a large capacity (for example, a pan for 5 liters), make a hole in the lid of a hose and water to boil in any improvised means (stove, gas, fire, etc.).Next steps - the same as with the factory steam generator.