you need
  • - wire brush;
  • - roll;
  • - Brush;
  • - primer;
  • - gun;
  • - paint.
If black metal-mesh netting starts to rust, it is possible to increase the durability of the fence, having painted a grid.This can be done after its installation, without removing the net from the supports.Metal structure during operation is exposed to various environmental effects on it accumulates dust and prolonged service life rust appears.Staining the surface necessarily require preparation.
Clean the grid with a wire brush, without removing it at the same time with the fixings.It is necessary to remove as much rust and dirt.To paint is flat, the surface degreased and only th
en with a brush or roller, apply a first coat in two layers.Typically, degreasing try to be neglected, but doing so should not be - because the paint is best falls on the surface and lasts longer.Once the primer is dry, you can start coloring the grid.Pre-select the more convenient way - apply paint can and using the gun.
Choose any paint, designed for painting metal.It is preferable to make a coating of enamel - it dries quickly, and it is sufficient to impose a single layer.It is more convenient to carry out the work using a gun, but the paint consumption will be great.If you still choose this option, keep the spray gun to the surface at an angle of 30-40 degrees, spend them in the direction of wire fragments.
Try to pick up a softer brush if you use this tool for painting.So you can avoid a lot of stains, and the cells will be easier to paint over.It is better to work together with an assistant - to paint a grid on both sides simultaneously, working rolls.So the paint is consumed sparingly, and the process accelerated.When the lack of team-mate walk roller first on one side then on the other - is, of course, will increase the time spent on the job.