for assistance in the suburban area and connected to electricity it is best to turn to professionals.And this is due to the fact that the cost of the services offered by them are likely to be less than the costs, both monetary and labor, in self-similar activities.

Connection suburban area electricity

To start the site owner must apply to the grid at the location of villas to issue specifications for electrical connection, attaching the documents certifying the right of ownership, the site plan and evidence of the presence or absencein its territory of any utilities.In cons
ideration of the application is given two weeks to four months.With proper design and have all the necessary documents, you can rely on obtaining permits for one month.

In making a positive decision on the site comes measurer.In place of the calculated required number of poles and wires for the power line to the house located in the area.The work will be completed more quickly if the power line will be located next to the house.The wires can be laid and buried, but this method is much more expensive.Besides, he is not welcomed by workers grids.

Mounting pillars spaced according to the guests must be 25 meters, and wiring is free, because the cost of these works are already included in the application, evaluation of the project site and connect to electricity.It is worth noting that the wires stretch just before the entrance to the house.About installing the wiring in the house of the owner has to take care of it yourself or hire electricians for this job.

At the end of construction and installation work before electricity will be connected to the site, the homeowner will need to obtain acts on the work performed and test installed electrical equipment.

Connection suburban area to the Electricity generator installation

to the lowest cost nerves and finance solve the problem of electricity in the country site, you can purchase a generator that can be petrol and diesel.If you plan to use it to solve problems with water and heat supply, it is necessary to choose a generator with increased power.To power common household appliances sufficiently low power devices.

When choosing a place to install the generator in the country should take into account that the noise does not interfere with his work associates, and exhaust emissions do not exceed the permissible level.The room in which you plan to install a generator must be away from the house.It must be equipped with exhaust ventilation system.

to connect the generator to the electrical wiring cottages used copper wire of 2.5 mm.First wiring is disconnected from the external circuit and then connects the generator.In order to control the voltage in the external circuit, it is recommended to use a warning light.