you need
  • - time and money;
  • - materials (roofing, siding, plaster, paint, etc.);
  • - working hands.
Start giving house the new shape with windows and doors.No warming has no effect if the doors and windows are warped and cracked, so replace or refurbish them.
Then go to the roof.A revision of truss system.If it is strong enough, just remove debris, leaves, branches and eliminate minor damage.Then, right on top of old coating, set kontrobreshetku and lathing.If possible, lay a special waterproof film for better insulation.You can also put the i
nsulation and vapor barrier film.After all the preparatory work, install a new roof covering, for example, ondulin, metal or keramoplast.
If the survey truss system revealed significant damage, the roof is in very poor condition, remove it completely.Dry a few days a sling system, treat with antiseptic.Replace any damaged or dilapidated rafters.Then install the roof as in the first case.
Make the right gutter so that the water from the roof does not leak to the exterior walls and basement of the building.
Start update walls.If the walls of the house and built of solid, well-preserved timbers that hold heat well, just soak them with a special composition and color prokonopatte again.
If you want to protect the walls from the adverse effects of the environment and make the facade more effectively, use the siding.Buy the required amount of the material and invite maintenance crews note here that a work will cost no less material cost.If you are confident in their abilities, try to upholster the walls of his own house and siding.
Regardless of brick or wood you house , it can be plastered, but be sure to make a wooden crate.When the plaster layer to dry well, cover it with any decorative material to your liking: ceramic tiles, marble, granite, decorative plaster or simply paint.