furnace, which is being built in the family bath should not take too much space.Moreover, it must be quickly heated and economical in terms of fuel economy.It should ensure the heating of the water, which is necessary for a comfortable cleaning of all family members.The furnace may be called successful if it possesses a sufficiently high heating performance.It should be rapidly heated to a temperature in the stones of 350 ° C or more.
recommended to place the stove near the wall near the front door.The fact that in this case it will be fairly easy to maintain.Wood does not need to carry across the room, besides, it is sufficiently illuminated.Place the furnace in the bath so that it could open the door from the airlock, and not by the paired bran
ch.If possible, position the oven door below.
oven can have an open and a closed chamber.The type depends on how you will use the bath.For example, for a family bath, which will wash a few people suitable furnace with an open stove.The fact that an open heater can quickly heat up.Stones in it are to be installed over the firebox.The furnace is closed stove can retain heat for a long time after the bath procedure.
If you decide to lay down in the bath large oven, the best thing to do for her own foundation.Use for this purpose are well burnt bricks, rubble stone and concrete.Under the foundation of the furnace make a small pit.The bottom of it is necessary to make smooth.After that, there pour gravel, stone and brick pieces.Then you can deal with masonry.Be sure to observe bandaging of seams.Consider the surface of the foundation must be horizontal.Take on the foundation waterproofing.For this purpose, use roofing felt, asphalt or other material.
furnace-heater you can make a thick.The wall thickness in the area should be in the firebox brick.You can also make thin-walled furnace.The wall thickness in this case is in a half-brick.The rest of the wall can be done in a quarter-brick.Also often make thin-walled furnace which has metal walls.