Preparing for the stove works

furnace in the house - is not only a stylish interior antique, but also comfort, warmth.Meals prepared in the Russian stove, extremely tasty and healthy.Mounting the furnace does not tolerate fuss, masonry are slowly, carefully extinct proportion of wells, keeping the size of the joints.The slightest mistake - and instead of the oven with good traction get fuming "monster."

Furnaces come in different types and configurations, the most economical and functional kitchen is a stove with ceramic hob (cast iron plate).The oven is simple, but can have a complex structure with drovyanitsey, stove, oven.The recent popularity of composite steel stoves.

Before laying the oven, it is necessary to prepare it for the foundation, that is the foundation of the concrete mix.To do this, d
ig a hole depth of 50 cm, it is well tamped and poured concrete.The top level of the foundation withdrawn a few centimeters above the floor.

While the foundation dries, you can prepare the workplace - on both sides of masonry bricks to lay down that they were on hand, knead the clay solution.On the foundation laid waterproofing and spread the first row, so called harness.

Installation oven with hob

masonry is carried out in a brick, with the obligatory bandage on a clay solution.Furnaces put red solid bricks.Originally spread ash pit, install the grate.Pave a number, put the fuel door, attach it with wire whose ends are walled in masonry.Spread the firebox special refractory brick height of 30-35 cm and cover his cast-iron stove.

behind the back wall of the firebox chimney laid out, which has several wells and goes up to the ceiling.Flue wells must be at least three, usually make one horizontal and two vertical.The internal surfaces of chimney as possible should be done smoother, not to impede the passage of smoke.Next

laid pipe.In the place where it passes the ceiling, cutting is done in such a way that the distance from the inner walls of the pipe to the ceiling was 35-40 cm.

Oven - complex engineering design, with its installation must use the level and plumb, horizontal and vertical lines havebe strictly perpendicular to each other, all the planes are aligned and have no deviations.Brick masonry sure to soak.Therefore, after the completion of the oven dried.