But before you start putting the stove, you need to decide the type of furnace, you want to install.Stoves are made of metal and brick, they both fall into boiler-heating (designed for heating and cooking), heating (for heating), Russian, ovens for sauna and bath, as well as fireplaces.

Once decided on the type of furnace, you need to find a place in the house where it will be built.Of course, it is better to plan the construction of the furnace, while working on a project at home, because it is the right place for such facilities in the building - the center of the house, and all the rooms to be built around it.And that is not unimportant pipe should go near the ridge.Pay attention, where the sex of the beam as the

oven can not be built on them.

Russian oven consists of a base (podpechya), hearth and crucible furnace, it is burning wood and preparing food.Every good furnace to be a solid and reliable foundation to be built of brick, stone or concrete, but most importantly, that between the brickwork there were no voids, for that would make the oven level, and that would in due course it is not skewed.

foundation must be perfectly horizontal, then it spread to the first row of bricks, and then make the cover of roofing material that would isolate the structure from moisture.The second row of bricks placed on top, which should be strictly the same as the level of the floor.Then begins the construction of the furnace.After placing the mold for future furnace is put on the first row of bricks solution, wherein the note - all vertical and horizontal joints must be perfectly smooth, and filled with mortar.

Once you have managed to build the oven, before use, it must be thoroughly dried, it takes not much to heat for 4 days.If out of the tube when the furnace will still go white smoke - this is a sign that the oven still wet, and it still needs to be dried.

Once the new furnace is ready to serve you faithfully, it is possible to give a more interesting look by lining.Facing made using tiles, they are embossed and smooth, with glaze or without.On the one hand the tiles like a small box, which is very convenient for installation, is also due to this accelerated construction process heat exchange, whereby the room is heated rapidly.

Construction of the furnace in the house - a laborious process that requires patience and care, but after the first, the firing in your oven, it will thank you for it invested in work and fill your abode with warmth and comfort.