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  • You will be required to answer two questions: Area where you want to maintain the desired temperature (it affects the capacity of the heating system), the place where will be located the gas boiler and apparatus to ensure his work.
Before connect the boiler requires familiarization with the regulations in force for its location.For trouble-free operation of t
he gas boiler required to comply with certain conditions, which are discussed below.The room where the boiler must have an area of ​​not less than 4 square meters, its ceiling height of not less than 2.5 meters, and requires windows and doors are not already 80 centimeters.This technical room is required installation of air flow, which, in turn, can be natural or forced.This technical area must have a separate entrance, the device itself can not be adjacent to the walls, the minimum distance - 50 cm, the diameter of the chimney must not be smaller than the diameter of the neck of the gas boiler.The correct connection of the gas boiler is made with standard gas, the connection must comply with state standards.
Stable operation requires a continuous supply of electricity.Let us examine this in more detail: it is no secret that the quality and stress in modern power is poor.To prevent damage to the equipment necessary to supply electricity to a gas boiler, using a voltage regulator and an uninterruptible power supply, of course you need quality equipment grounding and residual current device (RCD).Also be sure presence sensor for the detection of gas leaks and valve to turn off the buzzer in case of an accident.