you need
  • - wooden blocks;
  • - nails, construction adhesive and other reinforcement materials;
  • - bars, the basis for the foundation;
  • - roofing felt;
  • - additional insulation;
  • - material lining: shingles, roofing, etc.
Choose a place to house your garden furniture.It is best to build it at a distance from the main house so it did not get the smoke and soot from the grill.In addition, it is desirable to take into account and where the sun is about your gazebo.If you put it in the sun, you gain additional heating for its buildings i
n the summer.However, you need to have enough around the trees, which will bring an extra coolness and shade.It is especially advantageous besedka- grill will look on the shores of an artificial pond - the area of ​​the lake or fountain.It will also give more freshness and coolness.Consider the wind direction at the site where you are going to put grill .It would be very disappointing if your gazebo will always show through.
Equally important is the material from which you want to make your gazebo .The ideal option - a tree.In this case, it will turn green and cozy.If you want to use your gazebo intended not only in summer but in winter, pick up an additional heater to help you keep warm in the cold season.As such a material can be used glass wool, special insulation material, polystyrene foam, etc.
Once it is determined the place, get a foundation.The best thing for such a small structure to select a conventional pier foundation.Remove the top layer of the earth.It is necessary that under the pergola between the supports of the foundation does not accumulate rainwater.Then, at the site to mark the contours of your future gazebos.Then on this markup at an equal distance from each other - about half a meter - are beginning to install bollards.An additional advantage is the fact that the supports may be not only of wood.For them you can easily use large rocks, bricks, rebar.If you still choose wooden supports, they must be treated with special antiseptic solutions, so that they do not lose their durability.Their term of office in such a treatment to increase to 10-15 years.On top of the columns lay the roofing felt.This will keep your foundation from getting it wet.
Go to the base of the gazebo.To make it, you need the wooden blocks of approximately 100 cm by 10 cm. Lay them on the prepared columns simultaneously fixing nails, glue and other building materials.Be sure to install the perimeter of the vertical pillars of the base.That's on them and you will be in the construction of the arbor.
At the top of the gazebo make cuts.This is necessary so that you can attach to the general construction of the roof.Collect it alone basis, then gently lift the roof up, and insert it into the prepared vertical cuts.For such complex manipulations you need an assistant.It only remains to finish it already in place.Continue to spread its bars, leaving space for a ventilation hood.After installation can cover the roof lining, tiles and other surfacing materials.
When the frame is ready, it remains only to assemble the floor and walls.Lay the floor of the remaining bars, tightly fit to one another.As for the walls, they can draw in any style - or it will be trellised walls or fully closed.On the basis of drawing the walls, you define a method of laying bars.
Gazebo ready.For it to become a gazebo - grill , you need to install himself grill .Put the installation design area non-combustible material - brick, stone or steel.You can then grill fix.The stretching carried out in a specially left for her place in the roof, reinforce and processed materials preventing fire.For example, sheets of iron.Your besedka- grill built.