Tip 1: How to decorate the basement

facade of a country house can be regarded as finally completed only in the case when taking into account all the little things.One of the important elements of the finish, which determines the appearance of the building - it base .Usually, it comes to the level of the first floor and is designed to protect the facade from mechanical damage.
most reliable way of facing the cap is further plastering with painting.Plaster is easy to hide minor flaws in the bottom of the wall, it is well breathable and at the same time protects the clutch from the temperature changes.To plaster does not deform or crack, using dowels, attach to the wall steel mesh.It is necessary to align the walls and reinforcement coating.Top coat plaster resistant facade paint.
Better protection cap is obtained using the bottom of the concrete wall.To ensure the solidity of the coating to conduct this operation around the perimeter of the building.As with plastering, secure the plinth steel mesh, and then set th
e formwork.After drying, remove the formwork and obtain a surface color or finished with any facade materials.
for leveling the surface of the cap, you can use different materials tile.They are made from composite, polystyrene and cement-stone mixes and secured with dowels and glue construction.Oblitsovyvaya tiled plinth, carefully rub clean seams.If the gap gets wet, winter it can lead to the destruction of the cap.
looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing finish of the cap rock.It can be purchased specifically or find a suitable material on the lake or river.Along the perimeter of the building in the land of make a pillow under slopes.To do this, dig up the soil with a shovel at a distance of 55-75 cm and make a trench depth of about 10-12 cm. Fill the trench with gravel, cover with water and tamp.Begin laying the bottom, and as a bonding solution using a mixture of cement and sand.Facing the cap stone - quite a long process, becausewill have to wait until the solution has dried after each position of a number of stones.When lay the last row, start the construction of slopes on a bed of gravel.Put the solution on the pillow, and the top, as in the basement, put the number of stones.The result is supposed to be a slope for water drainage.

Tip 2: How to decorate a house of stone plinth

home best finish durable facing materials.This will avoid having to repair each year, as well as to protect the house from unwanted leaks.Finishing stone plinth the most beautiful and durable.
How to decorate the house of stone
you need
  • - shuttering;
  • - concrete solution;
  • - facing stone;
  • - spatula;
  • - grouting construction;
  • - Brush;
  • - rags.
Set stones, prepared in advance of the flat side to the formwork as close as possible to each other, if you want the minimum amount of seams, and away from each other, if you want the joints were wide.To better fit the stones to the formwork secure them a small amount of cement mortar.
At the height of the exposed rocks gently pour into the prepared and attached to the formwork stone mortar, which should not be too liquid.Grout is a lot longer to freeze, and it is likely that the stones will fall unevenly, falling into it.
After 2-3 hours, when the concrete solution grabs, you can install the following series of stone and concrete solution, where the procedure is repeated.Thus, one day, you can raise the plinth while stoned him with stones, about 50-60 cm.
2-3 days after pouring cap formwork can be removed.
carefully removing the formwork, clean stone of excess stiff concrete.Then prepare the grout and seal the joints with a spatula between stones .
waited 3-4 hours, embroidered with the joints with a brush and clean the front surface of the facing stone got her solution.
If you decide to decorate the house with natural stone plinth, the formwork is better to overdo than to remove too early.The fact that natural stone is quite heavy, much heavier than artificial, and in the case of premature removal of formwork under its own weight, he can fall off.
Helpful Hint
To finish fit the cap as decorative, costly stones, and the most common, which can be collected along the rivers and the lakes themselves.Due to their rounded shape trim wrong turns very attractive.Also good for decoration use dolomitic stone plinth.
  • Finishing stone plinth