Smooth and clean from the turf area, exceeding a meter from all sides of the future size of the garage.On srovneniyu mark the site with metal rods angles size of the garage, taking into account the width of the wall.Between the bars pull the string.Focusing on marks, select the layer of soil to 20 cm depth.Note that the depth of support for the foundation must be below the freezing set for your area.Set the entire area of ​​the concrete blocks at the corners and at every 90-120 cm on a sand cushion.
Pour 10-15 cm of sand and tamp.If sand
compaction watering moderate amount of water so as to avoid forming puddles and stains.Above the sand pour 15-20 cm of gravel or gravel with a grain size ranging from 5 mm to 25 mm.Ram layer.On top of the layer of rubble lay a grid of reinforcement.For greater strength rebar tie with wire-rod diameter of 6 mm or welding is used.For a layer of concrete over 10 cm frame mount a reinforcing layer in the form of two networks, separated by 5-10 cm jumpers.Along the perimeter of the pins attach the vertical reinforcement for a bunch of basement walls with the future.
Along the perimeter of the garage of the future shape of the wooden planks formwork for casting foundation.Prepare a solution of concrete or order the required amount.Use a level and Beacon slats to adjust the level of future floor and it poured concrete formwork at the border.When the concrete is poured and hardens, Grout leveled surface.Moisten with water and sprinkle with concrete clear cement for zheleznenija.Wait until the base is completely dry before proceeding with further action.
to start building the walls, from the far side of the garage with a single circuit block or brick dressings, except for land for a doorway.Along the edges of the opening shape with a longitudinal support columns ligation and additional reinforcement of masonry every 3-4 series.In the recent 3-4 series sewed vertical reinforcement rods for every 65 cm along the length of the side walls to secure them in the future of wooden rafters.First end the construction of the back of the lowest wall.Then, lift the front wall of the desired height and, if necessary, supplement the ranks of the side walls, keeping the level of the future overlap.Around the perimeter of reinforcing mesh and lay the waterproofing material such as roofing material.
Secure on pins rafters of timber 100H40 (100x50) between the side walls.Obsheyte entire surface of the slab-edged boards 100h40, laid perpendicular to the rafters.Nail the roof on the end board, covering the rafters.Place on top of a waterproof membrane plating of thick film or roofing felt, dropping on all sides by 10-15 cm. Place the slate or corrugated board.At the completion of the gate in the opening set.