Tip 1: How to build a sauna in the country

Sauna can bring huge benefits to the body.So often, people want to have her in his apartment on cottage or country house.Of course, you can make an order for the construction of saunas professionals, but it will cost very expensive.You can also build it yourself, saving money.
To begin to make the project a future steam or sketch them much easier to build.In addition, you can eliminate a lot of mistakes at work.Take measurements of the walls and polotka.Transfer them to a drawing.On it you can see the layout of the pair.It is convenient because you can pick up a good seating position and the heater.
After you fully define the design saunas, go to the choice of materials for construction.It is recommended to use for this lime, cedar and abachi.Then proceed directly to the manufacture of the frame pair.You can build it from bars section 40x40 or 50x50.Pre-treat them with special fluids.Bars in the future will not burst from moisture.The walls and ceiling beams to arrive at the
distance of 500 mm from each other.Between the bars is required to lay the insulation material.Then you can begin to trim lining the walls and ceiling.Finishing material should be nailed to the bars countersunk nails.The frame and deck loungers, you can perform according to the design of saunas.Paul recommended spread of ceramic tiles.
in any sauna heater must be present.The heater use electric or wood-burning stove.Model selection depends on the total volume of the space and the presence of thermal insulation in the walls and ceiling.Each furnace specific power.You can mount it on the wall or set on the floor.Then you can proceed to the installation of lighting for the pair.To illuminate the sauna can be used conventional lamps.Most often they are fastened to the bunk itself.In the end you just have to decorate a steam room accessories, such as a thermometer, hourglass, hygrometer, etc.

Tip 2: How to build a sauna in the country

Visit steam has a beneficial effect on the body: fatigue, is a preventive measure against various diseases, etc.All this applies equally to the Russian bath and a sauna.The latter has become very popular due to its versatility: it can be fitted in a house or building separate from the living quarters.If you have a garden, you can easily implement any project saunas.
How to build a sauna in the country
you need
  • - building materials;
  • - tools;
  • - fasteners.
To start, decide to house a sauna, will depend on its area.If the small suburban area, you can arrange the steam directly into the house.In another case, build a sauna separately from him.
Think about the project.Draw a layout in the form of a sketch or drawing with dimensions.This will help to avoid mistakes during construction.In addition, with the help of the plan you will be able to choose the optimal location for the ovens and benches.
Deciding to make a sauna in the holiday home, choose the room.The best option would be the attic or cellar (if there is good ventilation).Start with an attachment to the walls and ceiling teploparoizolyatsionnyh materials such as mineral wool and aluminum foil.Then make a crate.Moreover, for the manufacture of the frame on the walls take the pieces of wood and ceiling - wide boards, as they are less springy when they trim clapboard.
The next phase - installation of electrical wiring.Above the number of lamps and their position you can dream up.But electrical connection Trust the professionals, if you are not an electrician, because the incorrect wiring can cause a fire.
Then proceed to finish the pair lining of hardwood or softwood.Inside the cabin make the bench, lounger and put a wooden lattice on the floor if it is tiled.
for separate saunas first lay the foundation (tape or a bar), depending on soil type.Do not forget to make the waterproofing of several layers of roofing felt or tar paper.Only then, lift the walls of any material: brick, stone, wood and install a roof.Then obsheyte bath outside.The space between the shell and fill wall insulation, windproof and waterproof material.Further, in the interior decoration, proceed according to the above plan.
wood preservative treat it with antibacterial agents.
Helpful Hint
Note that for a free-standing sauna is necessary to make the vestibule, where we could not only strip, but also to store firefighting equipment.
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