you need
  • - set electric drive for gates, including hardware;
  • - electromechanical drive;
  • - control unit;
  • - warning light;
  • - photocells (receiver) 2h0,5;
  • - photocells (transmitter) 4h0,5;
  • - contact control key 2h0,5;
  • - radio receiver antenna wall mount;
  • - electromechanical lock 2x1.5;
  • - breaker 3x1.5;
  • - coax.RG-58 cable (50 Ohm);
  • - tools: drill, screwdriver, etc.
Before installing electric drive and on gates make sure that the flaps have a fairly rigid structure hinges provide smooth uniform motion of wings, there is no lateral vibration during opening and closing.
To ensure electrical safety, follow the safe grounding and the circuit breaker with thermo-magnetic protection.Note: The distance bet
ween contacts should be no less than 3 mm.
Installation drive and turned off the voltage, so when you move the gate manually unlock the drive s (remove the cover and using an Allen wrench to turn it counter-clockwise).
Select attachment points front and rear brackets.Fasten by welding the rear bracket to the wall (across the plate).With the split pin and washer fasten the wire to it.De-energize the drive , remove the stem and tighten the 15 mm back.
with pins and split washers to fasten the front bracket drive e. Note the location of the front bracket, drive while using as a template.Note that if the drive leave hanging on the rear bracket without support - it may break, so it should be welded (with the exception of heating drive a).To strengthen the front and rear mounting bracket can optionally be welded to them kerchiefs.
Unlock drive and try to open and close the gates manually.If jams do not, then you are all set correctly.
on wire rod, set the casing with the screws from the kit.Then fix Weatherproof label, thus closing the holes on the top (bottom holes must be open).
in accordance with the instructions, connect the control unit to the drive have.Half-open gates , lock drive and turn on the control unit to the network.If you did everything right, after the first pressing "StepĀ» gates will be opened.If gates began to close, invert the wire "Close" and "Open" on the drive e.