you need
  • - cords;
  • - pegs;
  • - formwork (wooden boards);
  • - concrete mix;
  • - wood chips.
Produce prior to construction of any object preparatory work.To do this, use the pegs and strong twine.They help to make the area a breakdown of the area of ​​the future building, namely the layout of the walls according to the approved project.In the production of these works perform markup required width foundation well - plus the thickness of the walls of 10-15 cm.
Spend earthworks, which are the next step device foundation well.Strictly on marked lines make excavation.Slopes excavated pit must be vertical and flat.Consider, SNIP level bookmarks foundation and must be below the level of soil freezing at 20-25 cm in the area.At the bottom of the trench make sand cushion thick
ness of 10-15 cm, which tamp thoroughly.This work is done in order to shrink the foundation and is uniform.For waterproofing the walls of the trench with an insulating material is water.Well suited for this plastic film.
Install formwork for mounting tape monolithic foundation well.To do this, use the wooden boards.Firmly fix them, reinforcing the outside of the backup.This will prevent concrete rasperet formwork during pouring.Fill foundation at least 30 cm above the surface of the soil at the site.
Install before pouring of concrete for the foundation of the strength of the future a reinforcing cage, paying special attention to the angular elements.Thereafter it should be cast as foundation.Filling should be done with careful layers of compacted manually or by using deep or surface vibrators.This is done to seal the concrete mix to subsequently foundation not given draft.For the preparation of the concrete mix, use materials in a ratio of 5: 3: 1 (gravel, sand, cement PC 500).
Fill the upper part of the foundation and wood chips after pouring.It protects it from rapid drying.Approximately 30 days foundation acquire its technological strength.Perform periodic care of it, soaking the chips as it dries.This must be done in order to foundation not cracked.Remove one week after pouring form panels.Produce it gently so as not to disturb the surface of the foundation well.