Despite the simplicity of the structures, methods, furnace must be chosen on the basis of requirements, chief among which is the duration of combustion and saving heat after complete combustion of about 8 hours.When the furnace coal determine the appropriate mode.Burning coal is kept constant.
first Melt a small amount of coal using paper and wood chips.Fill the pot small portion of coal and close the loading door.Adjust the air supply.The more oxygen is supplied, the process will pass faster combustion of coal, but the resulting transient combustion heat will be short.Conversely, if strongly to clos
e the door on the air intake, coal will fester and could go out and do not give sufficient heat, as it will produce a lot of smoke.Moreover, there is a risk of penetration of the smoke in the room that you do not want.
Once you adjust the air supply system, and burning will occur evenly, add a small amount of coal into the furnace through the top loading door.When the amount of coal in the furnace to a third chamber provides a continuous combustion and stable heat for 3 hours.Monitor the supply of coal in the boiler , based on the water temperature sensor.
It is generally sufficient to maintain the temperature between 80 ° C.For burning a long time, and pour evenly to half the chamber.Do not put too much coal, otherwise it will not be burned, and has sintered on the grate and clean it will be quite difficult.
Adjust the burning of coal by feeding in boiler air.Do not open the dampers too hard, otherwise there will be a large mass of uncontrolled burning of coal, which will lead to the boiling water in the pot and you get warm up to 5 hours.Ash will accumulate in the lower chamber - the ash pan.Clean the ash daily.As a rule, do it before the morning firing the boiler.Clean the ash pan ensure good drainage Chimney smoke through the channel.