you need
  • - sheet metal thickness of not more than 1.5-2.5 mm dimensions and no less 2,0h2,0 m;
  • - dowel 45;
  • - a hammer;
  • - nails 120-150 mm;
  • - self-tapping screws 2.5 mm;
  • - Driver "-";
  • - heavy-duty hinges garage;
  • - Steel rolling corner 25x40 mm;
  • - grooved fittings 12-16 mm in diameter;
  • - arc welder and electrode number 4;
  • - perforated electric drill, drill 16-18 mm, a length of at least 40 cm;
  • - beams 40x40 mm.
Remove the old garage gate and put them on the ground.Remove the old loop and in case of failure, the hinge beam.Spend dismantling beams gently to avoid damaging the main gate of the plane.Set in their place prepared by the boards and pin their nails in the main plane of the gate.
Turn gates and cover each individual fold a sheet of steel.Stepping back from the edge of
2 cm, use a dowel and a hammer.Punch holes to use self-tapping screws.The holes should be on one line, at a distance of no more than 10-15 cm from each other.Tighten the screws into each hole, making sure that they got exactly in the middle of the beam.Fold the excess steel hammer and secure in the same way to the back of the net.
Install rolling steel angle to the point of attachment to the gate wall.At a distance of 25 cm from the corner, drill three holes through the wall.The holes should be in the top, middle and bottom of the wall.Insert the valve.Measure the distance from the hole to the corner and cut out reinforcement corresponding segments.Weld them with two sides of the wall to an angle at one end and to the second valve through.Steel rolling corner should stand firmly and vertically.Repeat steps on the opposite wall, where it will be attached a second flap gate.
welded to the steel rolling corner reinforced hinges.
Preliminary installation of gates in order to mark the place of fastening the second part of the loop, which are mounted directly on the gate wings.
To mount the hinges to the gate m using bolts and nuts.Through-holes on hinges drill wooden beams through the gate and insert the bolts.Tighten the nuts and firmly press the inside of the garage.Hang fortified gates garage loop pre-lubricated with grease them.