you need
  • insulation, chemical reagents for rapid hardening and to slow the freezing concrete, infrared heater, heating wires, electromagnetic conductor
Insulate formwork.The degree and type of select from the calculation of the temperature of the environment and the quality of the concrete .The basis should be a requirement in the case of concrete cooling to a temperature of zero degrees, it should have a critical strength.The method is called "thermos".
Insulate formwork and add chemicals to slow down the freezing process and accelerates the hardening process.
Method "preheating"
Heat preliminary concrete mix before use t
o the desired temperature.
Method "electrode heatingĀ»
Pass the electric current through the concrete.Due to the special reinforcement and heating electrodes in the solution is heated and the concrete itself.This method is considered the most efficient, however, and it does not give a guaranteed result.Typically used the combined method of heating the concrete .
Method "infrared heatingĀ»
Aim at the concrete surface infrared heater.It will work on the type of the sun, that is,not heat the air around a surface.
Use concrete action on electromagnetic conductor.This technology is based on obtaining heat under the influence of eddy currents, i.e."Induction heating".
Secure special pre-heating wires in the concrete structure reinforcement.Apply electric current to them, which will allow to warm concrete to the desired temperature.