If you have a great desire to build a shield building, funds for the purchase of materials - this is all that is needed to realize the dream.Even if you have never engaged in the erection of such structures, and this is the first such experience, all will certainly succeed.

Foundation works

Select the place where the house will stand.Decide on the foundation.It largely depends on the durability of construction.The beauty of panel houses is that they are not as heavy as a brick, timbered.Therefore, low-cost approach pier foundation.If the soil is rocky, sandy, you can set melkozaglublennye asbestos or iron pipes with the length of 50-100 cm. Even easier on this earth to establish the pillars of the blocks.On clay soils with a high water table is generally made of pipes buried foundation of
1.5-2.1 meters.

Mark the space under the building.In the corners hammer stakes in 2 rows (with a distance of 30 cm), they pull the string.Align the side and diagonal lines.Between the two rows of rope mark the location of the pipes or concrete blocks.They should be placed every 2 meters.

After you have filled in the pipe and the concrete is completely dry, begin construction of the panel house.

Mesh base floor

into blocks or tubes put a piece of tar paper.Top set of horizontal strapping timber section 20x20 cm. The joints fasten using clamps and metal parts.Tying is on the perimeter.After every 2 meters, in parallel, there are several prisms of the same thickness.This sex lags.Bars connect with each other in the wheelhouse, "paw", knocking in the place of their nails.Be sure to cover them with an antiseptic.In the same biosepticheskim and fire-fighting equipment, handled all the wooden parts.

Place bar section 15x15 or 10x10 cm vertically every 1.5-2 meters.This is the foundation walls.Go back to the device sex.Lay on logs Unedged board - subfloor.Put on a vapor barrier, insulation.Top finishing tamp floor.

walls, roof

can now obbivat wall.Inside can be plasterboard lining.Once you have them done, attach the staple gun or small nails, bolts with a wide hat vapor barrier.Special anchors help secure the insulation.His place on the vertical waterproofing.As a heater used mineral sheets, eco-cotton.Do not forget to leave window and door openings.

Take exterior walls.Nail the horizontal battens or boards, panels made of squared lumber.Install the rafters for the roof of thick planks or beams.Tamp them board with a pitch of 10 cm. They must go beyond the rafters 20 cm. Attach the roof vapor barrier, insulation on it, from the top - roofing material.On it - the selected roofing material.Hang the doors, set the windows.The house, built with his own hands, ready.