Construction of stoves and fireplaces should start with the foundation.It is recommended to pour the foundation of the belt type.Remember, the foundation of the fireplace should not be linked to the foundation of the building.It must be indented more than 25 centimeters, which is then filled with sand.Fundam poured into predetermined formwork.After the work associated with the construction of the foundation is finished, you can proceed to the creation of isolation.It is necessary to prevent the ingress of moisture in the finished stove or fireplace.Next, the masonry brick.
furnace and fireplace consists of several parts: the body, the sweeping, flue, foundation.Pay special attention to the depth of the firebox.It is recommended to make it equal to 50 c
m. The firebox will not lose heat and the smoke will not get into the room.Proper location of the firebox will easily comply with the direction of the smoke in the smoke box.Then you need to install over the firebox and ash pan Koloskov bars.
walls and base of the housing is recommended to decorate the inside with refractory material.At a distance of 50 centimeters from the fire floor are finished with non-combustible materials.
Pay attention to the slope of the rear wall of the furnace body, and the fireplace.Small slope should be at the upper portion of the rear wall.Thereby significantly increasing the heat transfer.
flue must break down pyramid.This is the final part of the masonry shell.At the top of dymosbonika do smoke damper, which will create an obstacle penetration of cold air into the room when the fireplace is not in use.Once the connection is done with the sweeping flue, the most important part of the work is over.
If masonry is made even and level, then no problems will arise.After the erection for some time, do not use the oven th and fireplace.After a month, you can plant them in the fire.