you need
  • plywood sheet size of 400 x 500 mm strips of tin (zinc coating is fine).One size - 400 x 60, the second - 500h20, the third - 150x 20 and the square - 30x 30. The metal thickness of 5 mm, also need 400h70h20 bar.A cutting pick according to your height.Planer, file nails, sandpaper.
start with bar.By end on the long side with the help of a file or a planer create a segment of the radius to the edges of left 4-5 cm. And nailed it to the plywood.It is important that a number
of nails was not less than 6-8 units.
Mount produce through a special strip of galvanized metal, it is done so that the nails do not break the plywood.Galvanizing is pre-drilled, it should embrace the plywood edge of the bar and out on its top.
The other edge of the plywood okantovyvayut wider strip of metal, can be fastened with nails or rivets - that there exists at hand.It is also important that the fixture is not less than 6-7 units.
middle bar make an indentation to stalk better fitting.The face of the plywood making a mark in the middle - a place where it will be mounted stalks.Saw off the cutting edge at an angle of 15-20 degrees.
Putting the bottom with a shovel using 2-3 nails to better kept - apply a small square of galvanized steel.Next, attach the bar end of the stalk.
All shovel handle with sandpaper, remove the bumps, varnish or paint.
shovel ready, get the thing needed in the fight against snowdrifts, convenient and easy to use.