Preliminary Work Plan
land given the cardinal and prevailing winds.
Prepare the necessary tools: measuring tape, twine or wire (not the rope, because it can stretch and shrivel), sticks, or better yet, use as reinforcement for pegs, a hammer, a plumb line, clothespins.
marking the first wall
Measure the required length on the location of the first wall.
Add to that the length of each side of 50 cm and a hammer pegs.
Tie him to the line.
determined using a plumb seat angles at home (50 cm from the end of the fishing line or wire).Note
clothespin this place.
sidewall markings
Pull at 90 degrees a second cord under the seat mounting pegs.
Add the required length of the side walls 50 cm from each end.
Mark the corner of the house as a pin, as with the first wall.
Repeat steps with the other parties foundation .
Check geometry foundation
Set alternately in each place peresechenieya woods (in the corners foundation ) right-angled triangle with the help of pegs and ropes with sides 40 and 40 cm and a base of 55 cm to verify compliance with 90degrees.
Check symmetrical sides foundation diagonals - paired if the diagonals are equal, then the corners are sustained properly.Push the Power
pegs as long as the diagonal will not be equal in the case in the markup was a mistake.
markup internal circuits foundation
measured from the outside of the markup foundation required number of cm for marking the inside of the trench.
Remember that the entire length of width should be equal and greater than the width of the walls, that is,not less than 40-60 centimeters.
Add to the width of a few centimeters the markup on all sides, if there is used formwork.