you need
  • wooden sticks, hacksaw on wood chisel, chisel, hammer, screwdriver, screws, nails, carpenter's glue
The simplest design ladder involves tworack and some bars that serve as steps.The length of the rack should be selected based on the desired height of the ladder and its intended use.There ladder length from one to eight meters.The width of the ladder should be about half a meter.
to manufacture quality wooden racks grab bars.Make sure that the bars had irregularities, knots, dents from impacts.It is important to ensure the future reliability of the stairs.Preferred section bars - a rectangular size of 50 to 100 mm.
steps recommended to be made of square bars or rectangular, with dimensions of approximately 50 mm.The selection criteria for the timber steps are the same - yo
u need a dense wood without knots.Choose short bars for bars is much simpler than the blank for racks.Selected for the manufacture of ladder bars should be dried, raw wood is not necessary.Another important requirement of the workpiece - they must not contain the core portion of the tree trunk.
Racks and stairs can hold together in several ways.In any case, the distance between the beams can be in the range of 30 to 50 cm. The main criterion - the convenience of moving the ladder.
The easiest way to mount beams suitable for temporary stairs intended for one-time work at a height.In the field of fastening the crossbar slightly nadsverlivayut to prevent splitting of wood.Then they are fixed to the posts with nails or screws.The disadvantage of this simple mounting - low reliability, since the weight of the crossbar carries the load on the separation from the rack.
Another way deprived described drawbacks.In front make cuts across the width of the stairs, so that they are slightly recessed into the rack.Krepjat step two screws perpendicular to the rack.Since several notches weaken the rack, it should be wider and thicker in cross-section.The described method is more reliable, but is not suitable for long ladders.
more preferred for critical structures will be the third way of fixing.The rack with the help of a drill, chisel or cutter to punch.In these holes are inserted the beam thickness of about 40 mm.You can strengthen the connection stage planted in the slot on the glue.The beams are fixed with screws, with the end of the reliability inserted wedges.Such a method of device requires steps carpentry skills and time-consuming.However, the reliability of the design, these costs will certainly pay off.