Concrete is poured into a special design to create a wall.To this end, it arranged a reliable and durable rugged casing as part of an iron armature.Then she poured liquid concrete.
You must then wait a certain time until the solution has solidified.Then removed the formwork and proper quality of work produced solid walls, which do not even require plastering - they can be immediately pasted wallpaper.
To make standard formwork, you must first bring to the area of ​​the board, and then have to put together a formwork construction.However, there are permanent formwork, which is subsequently ejected and
becomes an organic (and very useful) element enclosing structure that promotes efficient wall insulation.In this technology we have a lot of names, one of which - "Thermo", which is well-insulated house.
The technology Thermo is the erection of walls of reinforced concrete with the help of a permanent formwork of expanded polystyrene in the construction of a special form of certain light modules.Polutorametrovogo modules have a cavity, which during construction is reinforced and filled with concrete.This special design locks can allow quickly and accurately connect the blocks, and will prevent the leakage of the concrete.Therefore, in the course of a process it is being built monolithic concrete walls, with which the outer and inner side has a soundproof shell of polystyrene.
To build such a "termodomnoy" wall on the horizontal surface of the prepared foundation or slab formwork of the ground floor units are placed in a checkerboard pattern.After installation of the rebar created stratified concreting by a pump or manually.