3-5 hours before laying the base is treated with bitumen or bitumen emulsion.If the base is constructed with the processing of organic materials or binders of freshly laid asphalt layer bottom, handle it with bitumen is not necessary.To the asphalt had no seams need paver equipped with special equipment, heating the edge of the previously laid lanes of asphalt.You can arrange the joint laying on the edge of the board.
compacted asphalt from heat and hot mix in two stages: first, the pre-compacted asphalt, driving through it 5-6 times light road roller at a speed of about 2 km / h.Then, a final seal heavy road roller, passing
by him 4-5 times the rate of about 5 km / h.
If the paved surfaces are not formed before the roller wave and imprinted marks from the drum, then compacted asphalt successfully.After a couple of passes light rink need to check with the help of a three-meter rack and cross slope pattern flatness.It is necessary to set the number of passes a roller in one place using the test rollers.Compacted asphalt in places inaccessible to rollers, you should use the hot metal compactors.
should be sealed with asphalt as long as the marks of blows on the surface of coating rammer will not disappear completely.Arranging asphalt coating, check the temperature of the mixture during the laying and compaction, as well as the thickness and evenness of the laid asphalt.Do not forget about the adequacy of sealing mixture as a coupling edge of asphalt strips, respecting the design parameters.
As you can see, the paved road alone is difficult enough, but still, this task is feasible.This means that the satisfaction of work done, you get incredible.Thus, the asphalt road is part of a comprehensive landscaping.Therefore, the end result is dependent on the quality of the laid web.Performance and durability of expensive quality also depends on the technique used in the process of asphalt.