you need
  • - wooden planks;
  • - wall paneling;
  • - metal fasteners;
  • - a tool for cutting wood;
  • - line.
Make room for the adoption of three water treatments: a waiting room, washing and steam room.If space allows, consider a relaxation room.Pick wood for interior decoration.All must be planked floors.Choose to wash a floorboard, which will not swell from the abundance of moisture.Stocks of materials made of coniferous trees.You can use the larch - it does not absorb water and will last long and sturdy oak boards.If you make flooring tile or concrete, it is necessary to put them on the wooden grating of lime.Equip washing room bench and the source of hot and cold water.This may be a tank with a crane and a modern shower
decorate the walls and ceiling of lime board.From high temperature resin they do not speak and do not will drop down.This material is a nice light flavor and light in color.Carefully choose a homogeneous shade board and set it so that there was no visible fasteners.For the walls in addition to using limes and other wood species: aspen, spruce and cedar.
Construct in the steam room shelves along the blank wall in 2 levels.For fans of high temperatures make the second level of the bench width of 60-90 cm - it is more convenient to bathe lying.Detachable headrest and footrest - they will create additional comfort.The lower shelves in the steam room is usually used for seating, so there will be enough benches 60 cm wide. The sauna should be a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the air, and closed the tub with water and a ladle.Keep the interior decoration of all premises.Arrange in the changing room clothes hanger and hang the mirror.Prepare for each large towel, slippers and felt headgear.