you need
  • - hammer and hacksaw for the device casing;
  • - building level to be placed horizontal surface shuttering;
  • - shovels and spades Podbornoe (first to ram a mixture, the second - for leveling the surface and collecting rasteksheysya solution);
  • - Construction trowel for fine work on the surface of the cast of the foundation;
  • - boards with a minimum thickness of 30 mm and bars for mounting support bracket;
  • - Nails for stapling shuttering;
  • - concrete mixture.
In order to fill the tape foundations , first prepare the necessary tools and materials.
Start by gathering the formwork.If you can, then rent the builders special metal formwork collapsible panels, and if not, fasten boards with a minimum thickness of 30 mm in the f
orm of wooden boards.
Fasten formwork panels at the edge of the trench.For factory use commercially available tool kit for home-made - corners, hammered together from wooden bars.
Take special building level, representing the two glass tubes connected to a long hose and set the upper edge of the casing horizontally around the perimeter.The top edge of it will be a major landmark for the foundation surface well.
to efficiently and accurately pour the foundation tape , calculate the required amount of concrete solution.To do this, calculate the volume of the excavated trench and add space between the formwork - this is the desired amount of the mixture, expressed in cubic meters.Provide this information to the Executive Order for the production of concrete solution.
Shortly before the call mixer prepare access roads to all the walls.If access is not feasible, promerte distance to the farthest point of the fill, and agree with the supplier ability to deliver the mixture to the desired distance.
With the direct process of filling the facility provides for a mate.As a rule, one person is at the exit of the tube or tray, the other Rams a fresh solution of bayonet spade, trying as much as possible to eliminate air cavities.
At the end of the fill surface foundation and carefully align and leave for a few days to grasp.During this period, periodically moisten it to prevent cracking.