Please make measurements of skates and set strictly perpendicular to whether the ends of the roof eaves lines and skates.Next, you need to equip the crate, which can be run from the board.The distance between the edges of crates should be equal to the size of the transverse edges of metal.That is, the crates you should start once you have decided on the manufacturer of the material.Otherwise, it may happen that the transverse edges of metal will have a size of 400 mm and a crate will be built on 350 mm.The distance at the eaves from the outer edge of the cornice board should be 30 mm.
edge of the sheet metal is necess
ary for securing their close boards, solid casing.Fixing start from the edge of the eaves.Experienced Roofers advised to fit flush first 3-4 leaves on the ridge, and then leveled and then fix them once and for strictly one by one: first, second, and so on.Then make mounting screws on top of the waves lap.Close the grooves at the edges of adjacent sheets of metal sheets.Now every subsequent sheet when laying it with the left edge you need to lay under the previous one, laid fixed mountable and retaining material.Perform all of the following lap at the lateral side of the sheet.The length of the overlap should be equal to 250 mm.
should close the skate special elements with sealing.These ridge elements specially adapted for placing them on the upper ends of the sheets of roofing material, and also play the role of protecting roofs from the harmful effects of the atmosphere.Finally, you need to install the curtain elements to protect the crates from the eaves of the flowing water.