you need
  • beams, planks, nails, shingles, or slate.
Take the ceiling beams and secure them the design of your home, combining the opposite wall.Once the building is ready for installation of trusses, proceed to the immediate implementation of this task.To atmospheric pressure evenly distributed across the roof parts must be the same size and shape.
Take the wooden beams and build a truss roof system of the future, which will form the whole weight of roofing materials, as well as precipitation in the form of snow.Wh
en it is installed there is a great danger that the walls of the house will not withstand the pressure and raspolzutsya.If the roof does not imply the presence of the loft, then do the rafters in accordance with human growth.Once you have decided on the size of the roof, proceed to the manufacture of the frame.
Connect the two rafters, for this they need to have obliquely sawn end and bring down with nails at one point.Raise the roof, thus do enough height and length of the boards.Make curly gashes in those places where you want to contact them with beams tying home.
For making the rafters using quality materials, with no cracks, rot and knots.Depending on the length of your roof, fabricate several identical rafters, but it should be remembered that the distance between them should not be more than 2.5 meters, or high degree of obvalivaniya roof.
Connect the rafters on the roof with the help of a grid of boards and bars, for greater strength connect truss system runs that reduce the pressure exerted by the roof, thus avoiding the slope of the roof.Once the roof structure is ready, proceed to batten cladding tiles or slate - here the choice is yours.