for roof insulation you can use such modern materials as rigid fiberglass, mineral wool and polystyrene plates, foam or foamed glass.They all have different degrees of thermal conductivity, water absorption, vapor resistance and environmental friendliness.
most popular roof insulation is mineral wool.This material is able to withstand temperatures of over 1000 degrees, so in fact it is not subject to burning.Mineral wool insulation is different from the other fairly low thermal conductivity and vodopoglescheniem.In addition, it is practically not subjected to deformation and well protects the house from the outside quietly.These boards are easy to fit and great dock with each other.
insulated flat roof of the house you can both external and internal method
, in a single layer or two.External method is much easier to perform.But selecting it, you will need to determine exactly whether the bearing structure will withstand the weight of the house roofing and insulating materials.
For non-planar roof insulation, for example, pitched or mansard, you will need to use other technologies.When warming slope between insulation material and roofing sure to leave an air layer.Take care, and the presence of vapor barrier, necessary to protect the roof from the steam penetrating inside the house.Often it is already built into the heater.In the absence of the layer you will have to install it separately.
The most common heat-insulating layer is placed between the rafters either or them.But if you need to insulate the roof of the finished house, insulation is necessary to install only under the rafters.For warming of a mansard roof Lay the plate insulation material on sloping surfaces between the guide extending from the base to the roof ridge.
If you have a loft design house that is not used as a dwelling, insulated only its floor.If the attic is used, be sure to lay the insulation material on the roof slope.
If you want your house was really warm, think about the insulation not only its roof and walls, windows and floors.