house building starts with the selection of the project, the purchase of materials

Near the entrance mark the porch.For every meter in the house was functional, make a plan of the first floor that.Entrance from the street, a man enters the hall-kitchen.This spacious room.There will be held a joint lunch and dinner.Enough space and guests.Hall - 18 square meters - 3x6 m. Right or left on the plane leave room for the stairs to the second floor.The first make-up of two rooms, each with 3x3 m.

The second is also enough room for two rooms, or leave one spacious.It can be converted, for example, in the billiard room, fitness room.Consider the location of the windows.In the room with the Western hot day is pleasantly cool to 17 pm.In E
astern priniknut rays at dawn.In the room with the hot southern window in the afternoon.

construction of foundations

After all pets have agreed to the project, start to build a house with a basement 6x6.Type it depends on several factors.If the groundwater level is high, clay soil, and the structure of the heavy, do pile zaklublenny or strip foundation.For easy construction on loam with low groundwater, sandstone, stony soil suitable inexpensive block or pier foundation.

Measure out in the selected area width and length of the house.Pile foundations are doing with the help of special equipment.Columnar you can build yourself by digging a hole with a diameter of 30 cm at a depth of 70-210 cm. Insert them in the hollow columns, sprinkle a layer of sand, pour cement inside and outside of the post.To strip foundation dig a trench, lay crushed stone, sand cushion, reinforcement and pour concrete recess.

house building

When the foundation of how to dry, proceed to the construction of the house 6x6 m. Wooden make piping from thick timber, placing it horizontally.Parallel sides in increments of 1 m put the timber of the same thickness.These lags tamp subfloor, lay the insulation, then - finishing.

to log or bar-shaped house with a horizontally place log logging in "warm corner" or "paw".The fastening of beams, logs on the corners straps, corners, nails.Leave space for the window and door openings.

for panel house 6X6 walls do differently.First, from the bars of their cage is constructed.Then, his obbivayut wood panels or boards in 2 rows, laying between the insulation material and vapor barrier.

The completion of construction of houses of any material constructing the rafters, they stuffed the board, lay the insulation, insulation, and on top - a roofing material.

lumber, log house before finishing and installation of doors, windows must stand for 8-12 months.The skeleton-shield do it immediately.