you need
  • - brick (250h120h65) - 200 pieces;
  • - Clay conventional 0.4 cubic meters;
  • - sand;
  • - water;
  • - the ash-pit door 270h140;
  • - door Combustion 250h210;
  • - grate 300h200;
  • - steel wire cross section of 2-3 mm.
Make clay solution: Take soaked clay average fat content and the same amount of sand.Clay prescreened to remove the stones.Fill with water (a quarter of the volume of clay) and mix thoroughly.All lumps break or remove.Liquid solution do so to a slight push, he squeezed out of the joints.
Before you start laying pick up all the rows dry (without mortar), fold the Dutch oven as a designer.In the right places and do podtesku jokes that no further time to waste.
Start packing and do everything stric
tly according to the drawing.In addition, most monitor the quality of work: check the internal structure, horizontal masonry joints bandaging, correct angles, vertical (with a plumb).
Brick masonry to dip into the water for a few seconds, so that it does not absorb moisture from the clay in the clutch.Laying brick, presses it so that the solution is squeezed on all sides, and remove the excess with a trowel.Joint thickness should not exceed 3-5 mm.
The door is required to attach the wire, otherwise it will quickly shatter and fall.To do this, insert it into the opening of the box, half twist.Then pull and place in a prepared groove in the upper edge of bricks (if you do not slit wire simply will slide).Then, bend it and twist with brick dressings.
opening dimensions have nearly the same size as the box door, do not let a gap of more than 1 mm.
After laying is completed, carefully dry pech- Dutchwoman .To do this, leave for 10-15 days the doors and windows in the room opened, all the doors and cleanout hole and open the oven.Drying is considered complete when disappear raw spots on the surface of the furnace and the traces of condensation on the valves.
can also be oven dried artificially.To do this periodically heat their oven, gradually increasing the amount of fuel (from chips to chips and torches, medium-sized logs, and, finally, real wood).Each furnace should not exceed 30 minutes.