before starting to heat the oven, you need to free it from the ashes remaining from the previous melt.You can collect the ashes with a special vacuum cleaner or use the old shovel and a bucket with a lid.The cover will need to dust from the ashes do not scatter all over the place.Free from the firebox and ash ash pit, clean the crevice in the grate.
Prepare kindling from the dry chopped wood.Firewood you will need about 3 kg.Light the kindling and wait until it will a good flame.Ash-pit door at the same time should be closed, and the chimney is open fully for better traction.Pour the burning firewood small coal layer thickness o
f 5-6 centimeters.Wait until the charcoal will flare up, and pour in the new portion of the coal stove, which has allowed medium and even large pieces.Coal layer should not exceed a height of 15-20 cm, otherwise the combustion becomes uneconomical.
Dry wood ideal for lighting coal
Try as little as possible to open the oven door, so as not to interfere with combustion.After an hour and a half after the start of the furnace cover the outlet pipe to 5-8 mm, but in any case, do not close it completely.In the process of burning coal produces carbon monoxide, invisible to the eye.It has no smell, but can cause poisoning in people who are in the room.
Wait over Burned coals flame disappears - this will mean that all the carbon monoxide came out, and you can safely close the chimney damper to the heat did not go away on it on the street.The oven is properly protoplennaya coal evening, will warm the next day.Before the next melting do not forget to remove the ash that remains after the furnace.
Good charcoal burning for a long time