Tip 1: How to make a retaining wall

retaining wall is a structure that holds an array of ground from collapsing.Apply retaining wall in hydraulic engineering, road, industrial and civil engineering.This wall is quite durable and practical.The wall is constructed of a series of concrete pillars, which burst at a certain depth in the ground and set on a concrete foundation.
When performing construction of retaining walls of the timber or logs, that takes into account a lot of features.Wooden poles must go into the ground about half its length.To do this, dug a pit with a depth of about 80 centimeters.The bottom layer of gravel poured necessarily, about 20 centimeters thick.He advocates the foundation.Also used as gravel drainage.The wood is protected from decay.
installation logs is carried out close to each other.Made of 40 cm lean concrete fixing.To prevent displacement of the logs make the top wire harness.On the other hand performed roofing tar paper liner or other sealing material.The earth will be well prot
ected from washout between wooden posts.Then fall asleep ground and tamped.
Currently, there are several ways of construction.They are selected depending on the purpose and the height of the walls.To enhance the durability of the bases used, which differ in thickness and depth, depending on the wall, kind of soil on which it shall be built.
walls, which have a height of less than 30 cm, do not need a foundation.For walls in height from 30 to 80 centimeters using a foundation, the depth of which is from 15 to 30 centimeters.Manufacturing of foundations made of gravel, crushed stone, sand.Sometimes produce clay seal or bond with cement mortar.

Tip 2: How to make a retaining wall of plastic bottles

Plastic Bottles - versatile material for creativity and construction.They are successfully used for decorating the suburban area, making it not only the animals, artificial trees, and retaining walls.
How to make a retaining wall of plastic bottles

Preparatory work - plan for the walls, construction of the foundation

Not all owners of suburban areas were lucky with the territory.Some hacienda is located on the slope of a hill or a ravine.It is fraught with landslides, washing off the top layer of fertile land.

To combat this problem, erect retaining walls.They can be made of concrete, stone, brick, wood.You can go more original way, making the retaining walls of plastic bottles.

First you need to draw on paper, where they will be located.If the site is located on a steep slope, you may need to make several levels - from 2 to 4, with the help of such barriers.Optionally, each terrace edging retaining walls of the bottles.Upper - can be made of stone, and the bottom - of them.

After the drawn layout of partitions, you can begin to work.Take 4 peg, hammer them into the ground around the perimeter of the future construction.Protect with a rope.Align it.Remove the top layer of fertile at this point, it is useful in the garden.Dig a trench at a depth of 40-50 cm markings and width - 30-35 cm.

Pour down the sand layer of 7-10 cm, moisturize and tamp it.

Mix 4 parts sand to 1 part cement (better to take the brand M 400), dilute this amount of water to get the consistency of cottage cheese sparsely.Pour the resulting concrete in the trench.This will be the foundation for the future wall.The next phase of the work can be started when it is dry, but not completely - by pressing a finger on the concrete to remain a small footprint.Then you need to pack plastic bottles.

to create a retaining wall fit 2 and 1.5-liter bottles.Because a smaller volume of container wall is thin, and if you take a very large bottle, it will look bulky.

construction of the Wall

first bottle must be filled with sand and firmly tighten the cap so that it does not spill.Make the same solution as described above, put the spatula on the foundation layer 2 cm. It position the upper row of bottles.They need to put Golyshko to one side and close to each other.

On top of them lay another batch of solution with a thickness of 3-4 cm and position each bottle of the second row between the two bottles first.According to this technology creates a whole support wall of plastic bottles.

can erect a wall along the edges of two columns of the same material.Wherein bottles are laid in a circle, necks inwardly.After a few series, they will turn into a real column.

For dressing after drying a solution of its color or knotted cord winding them bottle caps.
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