Mansions of logs, lumber

Log houses were built back in the old days.They are able to stand for a few decades.If properly treatment technology to comply with the material and create a home, building and can withstand a period of 150 years.

House of logs look beautiful.This is also their advantage.It should be noted, and insulating properties.In the hot summer in the room will prevail pleasantly cool and in winter - comfortable warmth.

Depending on whether year-round or seasonal residence is assumed, erecting a house of logs required diameter.Typical - 20-36 centimeters.The thicker timber, the warmer the room will be in the winter.

With the construction of wooden houses from logs need to consider whether it is hand-finished and bale houses.The latter is preferable.Special equipment material formed int
o the desired shape, remove the irregularities.From such logs get a strong and beautiful home.

home from a bar, too, is of varying thickness.For him the suit material, cross-section of 15x15 (followed by warming) to 25x25 cm. In this room after a certain time it is easy to produce a finish as the walls and ceiling - flat.

frame-panel house

Log and lumber house built at least 2-3 weeks.Then they have to settle for 7-12 months.Only after that you can hang doors, windows, producing interior trim.

If you want to quickly move into a new mansion and build a house cheaper, then fit frame-panel option.There are 2 types of its construction:

- on the spot.Brigade brings all necessary materials and begins to build a house on the site.Initially erected a frame made of timber from 10x10 up to 25x25 cm, then set roughing, finishing floor, built walls, etc.

- According to the "Finnish" technology.On the site of the customer are brought large panel size.This ready-made walls, which consist of two rows of bunks with insulation sandwiched between it.

latter option is suitable for those who live in the country only in the warmer months, and wants to move into a new home within 1-2 days.For example, 5x6 House with attic on the second floor of the builders are able to collect 12 hours.

These lightweight structures do not require a global foundation.Suffice columnar.Blocks for it are inexpensive, and the team brings them along.

If the soil permits, pier foundation and shield the house will be perfect for this economy, will save not only money but also time.