First of all, if you have already firmly decided to build a good house, you should choose the location of its construction.After all, on the size and characteristics of the soil, humidity and other things, will eventually depend on the way in which your home will be on the area and what materials for its decoration and construction will need to be selected.
The site
If you allow the dimensions selected for the construction of the site, you certainly can build a house-castle just sheer size, however, note that the construction itself and the further care suchstructure is costing you a pretty penny.As for the optimal parameters - it is a house with two floors, with an
average area, which also has a number of more "free meter", which in the future will allow you to expand the space, if necessary.
correct choice of material for the construction of the house - is the key to successful, economical and efficient construction.It is absolutely wrong is the view that the material should be selected depending on the stylistic preferences: It is important to pay attention not to the appearance and the performance and humidity selected for the construction of the place.So, for example, in areas with high humidity, it is not necessary to choose the wood, but bricks or laminated veneer lumber - a great solution.
order to house looked beautiful and naturally, it is important not only correctly choose its size, design and produce a well-build, you also need to perform a stylistically appropriate finish that will not "beat"House of the overall landscape, and effectively emphasize all its charms.In this case, it is important to select the right assembled on the color and texture of the materials, as well as trust finishing work to professionals.