you need
  • - foam;
  • - foam;
  • - Isover;
  • - drywall;
  • - metal profile;
  • - any sheathing material.
Usually, "summer" cottages built of thin beams, boards or other materials that are poorly inhibit heat.Before embarking on weatherization, please check the walls for any cracks.If they found out, fill them with foam.Do not be amiss to treat all joints and the material from which made the house.For example, if it is of a very thin beam, the foam is necessary to fill the joints between the two logs and so all around.
Buy foam thickness of 5-10 cm. The same product must be sold special dowels to secure it.The principle of using dowel-nails you demonstrate Sales, of course, if you ask him about it.To attach the foam for this type of nails, you need to drill a hole in the wall at
first, and then to drive them.Obsheyte whole house.
top of the foam is necessary to cover, otherwise it will deteriorate very quickly under the influence of external factors.Cladding material is selected at its discretion: siding, wooden slats or flat slate.But here you need the help of professionals, since these sheathe house construction materials are not so easy.
Proceed with insulation on the inside of the structure.For this fit and drywall Isover.Screw the parallel metal profile, put Isover and fix on top of drywall screws.
You can make cosmetic repairs.But if you do not have heating, first of all, you need to install the pipe and stove, and then to hang wallpaper and paint the floors.With the installation of heating will help you to potters, who know all the details of the installation of pipes, otherwise the house will be so cold.
If you do not want to do much of the work yourself, you hire any team of workers.Prices are reasonable, but in large cities still a bit high.