What you need to buy material

For those who want as soon as possible to build a house, to spend on the purchase of a minimum of materials and equipment - an ideal option would be to shield the house.In some cases, it can build "from scratch" when you need a small construction and boards for floors, walls, beams are already available in the economy.

If such material is not present, then you can buy:

- Strapping beams 20x20 mm, 10x10 or foundation walls 15x15 mm;
- floorboard;
- battens and / or CAP (approximately strand board);
- thick board or the board for trusses;
- thin board to the roof battens;
- vapor barrier;
- windows, doors;
- roofing material;
- roofing felt;
- nails, screws, angles, mounting brackets for details.

If you want to build a
house on a rocky shield, sandy soil, loam, where the groundwater level less than 1.5 m, the foundation for perfect finished cinder blocks 20h20h40.You can build it from asbestnyh pipe, putting them at a depth of 70-100 cm and are filled with sand and cement.Then the cost estimate and make these materials.They - inexpensive.Deep strip foundation will cost more and take more time.Under such light structures it is usually not.You can build melkozaglublenny.


Once all the necessary acquired, make a layout area, make the foundation.If you are staying on the block form, then put these building materials on a sandy base in the corners, around the perimeter, under the walls of 2 meters.Place them under the door.Put the corners of tables of 4 blocks, putting 2 and 2 close to them.Elsewhere make columns of two blocks, put on each other.Connect them with cement mortar.

Cover with roofing and piping can be done.Squares to buy her a size of the width and length will be at home.Put rails on the foundation, the corners do nadpily the floor timber, remove the pieces with the help of the chisel.Match beams, placing recess alone.Also set the cross joists.Fasten them together corners, staples, screws.

to the bottom of the structure was warm, arrived on the logs first board subfloor, they put a vapor barrier, insulation thickness 50H150 mm.On his stuffed sexual Lining.

Make piping walls, placing beams vertically.Leave the place where will be installed doors and windows.The walls can be made of sheets of OSB.They are inexpensive, can reduce construction time.Construct one outer wall.Place a vapor barrier, inside - insulation, then a vapor barrier.Inside nail OSB or battens.

Construct truss system for single, or a broken gable roof.Tamp it crate from the board, then the insulation, vapor barrier and roofing sheets.Install windows, doors and move to a dream home!