heating boilers are a central element of the whole autonomous heating system.They heat water and premises house to the desired temperature.Depending on the design features of boilers can run on gas or electric power.These properties determine the characteristics of their installation.
most widely received today gas boilers due to the relative cheapness of natural gas.They are easy to use, reliable enough and allow efficient heat even large rooms.However, the installation of gas boilers is associated with certain difficulties.
First of all, like any other gas appliances, boilers must be installed by experts in accordance with all safety regulations.This does not mean th
at the process of installation of the boiler is very complicated.In most cases, it could handle any reasonable person, carefully examine the manufacturer's instructions.But the fact is that before boiler will start to work, it must be passed by a special commission, ready to demonstrate compliance with all the requirements of the management of such equipment.And without a written act of the performance of works by a specialized firm and the availability of guarantees for maintenance of a little what commission will agree to take the risk to approve the use of their own equipment installed.
In accordance with the established norms gas boiler must be installed in a separate room (the best in the specialized boiler noy), which has its own access to the street.Particular attention should be paid to the installation connecting the boiler to the chimney.If boiler provides hot water-loop (providing hot water in addition to space heating), first connect its input on the cold water, and the output is already distributing hot water.
most difficult and important stage in the installation of the gas boiler is to connect it to the gas line.To carry out this work may only gas services specialists of the area.Before starting the boiler into operation, carried out a thorough check of the pressure in the expansion tank and connecting the boiler to the power supply through a voltage regulator.