you need
  • 2 pumps, 2 barrels, hoses and tubes of not less than 2 meters, couplings for pipes, several 6-meter bars
First you digdeep hole - at least 2 meters.Dimensions better to 1.5 by 1.5 meters.This broad and deep pit or pit needed to avoid the shedding of the weak soil layer.You can even pit wall sheathing boards that they do not crumble.
Then we need to build a timber from a tripod and put it over the excavated pit.It is best to fix the tripod timbers for combining stability with the help of three feet below.From above it is necessary to attach to the tripod clip.Through this video skip rope.
little away from the tripod to be driven into the ground a wooden or metal pin.Next to it is necessary to attach the rope, the
other end of which is tied to the pipe.Then we need a pipe connected to fitting to put in a hole.
Then we need to pit or near the pit to put two barrels.One - on the ground, the second - on the construction site with his hands high with the top level of the first barrel.Below the top of the barrel is necessary to drill a hole in it to insert a tube with a tap.Then shove to the upper barrel of dry grass, put in an inclined grid.Grass and will serve as a filter mesh.Grid will delay a major ground, got water, grass - shallow.The water will drain away from the top to the bottom of the barrel, and then it will take the pump.
pressure pump will pump water into the tube.It will go from the bottom of the pipe and flush the soil.Turbid water will go into the hole.From there, the second soil pump it pump out to the top of the barrel.With water in the barrel gets quite a bit of ground.Most of the soil will grow in the eyes of the pit.It must be periodically clean shovel.The pipe will be deepened, the soil thrown up.So get well.