you need
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - bitumen mastic;
  • - roofing felt;
  • - Supplements to the solution.
Surface and groundwater constantly have a devastating effect on the foundation of the structure.From the foundation of precipitation protect blind area.In the fight to the ground water without waterproofing is necessary.Do waterproofing the foundation if the ground water level above one meter.
most economical way of waterproofing the foundation is considered to be the surface being covered with mastic asphalt.This method is suitable for protection against capillary rise of th
e groundwater level.Before applying the dry wall bitumastic foundation.Corners are rounded.Mastic paint the flat surfaces of the foundation.However, this is often damaged waterproofing.This basically happens when backfilling the foundation, in the case if the soil is used as backfill rubble.To prevent damage to protect the foundation waterproofing insulation.Cheaper materials for these purposes will sand.
The most common material is used for waterproofing roofing material.It is not the cheapest way, but more durable and reliable.Align the surface of the foundation and apply a coat of hot bitumen mastic.This layer of glue two layers of roofing material.Ruberoid place when the label overlapping of 15-20 centimeters.This waterproofing can not protect, if not used as backfill rubble.
sprayed waterproofing method is the fastest.Pre-release from the foundation of dust.The other preparation is required.Apply a special spray mixture.The advantage of this method is that the waterproofing is applied to all the remote locations.Mainly used during the installation of waterproofing on the foundation of complex shape.As a drawback that it is significantly more expensive bitumastic.
possible cause waterproofing on the foundation in the form of a cement slurry.Knead the solution of cement, sand and active additives and apply it to the foundation.Use of active additives and cement makes this method expensive.If you comply with all the technology the installation of waterproofing, the problems with wet walls and fungus will not be.