modern frame-panel building has undergone some changes.Now, basically, on the basis of lumber was packed wall paneling, inside and outside.Between it lay a layer of insulation.

Advantages and disadvantages of precast factory frame-panel houses

One of the main advantages frame-and-panel houses - the rapid construction.If the boards are doing at the plant are brought to the site ready-made walls, the assembly of the house with an attic floor 5x6 takes only 10-12 hours!Record time.

This allows cottagers do not puzzle over where to live team of workers during the construction of the house.Among the shortcomings of skeleton structur
es of panel factory production can be identified thick timber.It is a material section of 50x50 mm.

If you want to have a more global structure that the frame was thick from 100x100 up to 200x200 mm, it is necessary to place all workers on the construction.From this timber house they build only on the site.The factories do not collect such heavy construction.But the owner will be able to watch what they were insulated walls and how thick they are doing.After all, inside the walls of imported ready-to look impossible.

Price - lower house warming - faster

price - that's what attracts more customers who want to build or buy their own frame-panel house.Such structure is much cheaper than brick.The difference in price with log, lumber houses have 15-20%.Low cost - this is another argument in favor of frame-panel construction.

Once erected square log or log house, it just can not be carried out final finishing.It is necessary that such structures have survived for a year.Only then can we put the windows, doors, insulate the room inside obbivat finishing material.

In the frame house can move right after it was built.He has already trimmed inside, outside, it has doors and windows.And be "dry" it is not necessary.Therefore, for those who want as soon as possible to celebrate the new home - such housing will be optimal.

inexpensive foundation, insufficient heat capacity

Under a brick, log, lumber structure erected expensive foundations - tape or pile.Frame-panel even on clay soil is well worth of the bar, which consists of blocks 20h20h40 see who put in two series - one on one.The main thing - it does not build in the valley and on an elevated plot point.

Among the shortcomings can be identified low heat capacity of the wall.In this house in the winter will be cold.But this problem can be solved.Let the internal insulation is not 5, and 10-15 cm. The exterior walls can be obbit siding.Then, in such a structure, provided the use of heating appliances, will not be cold in winter.Without additional insulation in the frame-panel house to live comfortably from April to November.