All models netbook lacks an optical drive.Another drawback is the presence of a PC card slot.Most netbooks do not have a Bluetooth transmitter.

Netbooks equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi antennas.However, they are not able to connect to the fastest option Ethernet, known as Gigabit Ethernet.In addition, instead of the relatively new Wi-Fi transmitters version N, they are equipped with obsolete - version A.

Many users are willing to put up with these disadvantages, even though manufacturers are not willing to include a telephone modem in the design of the netbook.For many people communicate using the Internet connection is the main purpose of buying the device, and in the world there are many places where the only means of access to the Internet is free.

latest technology to access the Internet is a 3G network for data transmission.Netbooks, generally still does not support network.This, of course, change in the near future.Some of them will have the necessary equipment, integrated into the housing.Others will be able to support the ExpressCard modems.The rest will be content connection via USB.

differences between netbooks

One of the biggest differences between the models of netbooks is the media.Some of them are equipped with rotating hard drives.Others have solid-state SSD drives.

the netbook running Linux use SSDs, while the model with Windows on board equipped with a standard hard drive.The reason for this may be a requirement of disk space.For example, Windows XP requires more space for storage of system data and SSD-drives for Linux are more expensive.And indeed the Windows license is more expensive than Linux.

Another reason has to do with the speed of SSDs.Cheap models are very slow write and read information.This deficiency manifests itself when working with demanding applications.

Another major difference between the models of netbooks - is the battery life and battery power.Budget models have a three-cell battery, and more expensive - with six.

Looking ahead

Although netbooks are not powerful computers, they are extremely popular.Their small size allows carry the device with them almost everywhere.This quality and low cost open new opportunities in the application, which can only be guessed.