To select the punch you need to know how it works, its mechanism is significantly different from that of a drill with a hammer.The work of the punch and the mechanism can be compared with the operation of automatic weapons.It is made especially for the drilling of a hard material.Some models even cope with reinforcement in the walls, and therefore make a very powerful puncher and durable.Its faster than the speed punch drills, much less return.And the cartridge is completely different from the drill chuck.So if you need a hammer, then you need to purchase it was his, not a drill with a hammer.

calculate the forces, the more powerful puncher, so it is more difficult when it is necessary to say that the penetration rate has more.It is necessary to choose a punch, to which is attached the meter hole depth, it will allow you to stop in time.Many of the guns are equipped

with speed control, drilling small holes, choose the speed of a little more, but for the large holes smaller.There are hammers, which themselves regulate the rate depending on the settings that you want to ask.To get the jammed drill bit can turn on the reverse.For convenience, rotary hammers put removable handle.There are situations where a wire is missing or deliver a lot of inconvenience, for such cases are provided wireless drills.

When choosing a punch turn it on and listen to how it works, the noise produced by a mechanism should be smooth, without breaks and taps.If everything is normal, then turn it off and pay attention to how it stops this should be done gradually and not abruptly.Do not take a professional model, if you are going to use a hammer for domestic use, they are much harder and more expensive.Included with the hammer must be replacement brush motor.It is the most rapidly emerging from the building element of the gun.To set the normal drill chuck included is an adapter.There punchers in the box which includes a set of drills.

If you want to own hands, without the aid workers to carry out minor repairs of the apartment, then punch you in this great help.