is necessary to know the conditions under which the radiator will bring warmth and comfort to the apartment.Go to your Deux find:

  1. Is the operating pressure in the heating system of your home.

  2. Is the test (test pressure) pressure.

  3. type monotube or twin-tube heating system.

  4. diameter pipes, which will join radiators

  5. What is the temperature and the type of coolant.

And now, with these records go to the store.In order to choose the radiator rather than the beautiful "priborchik" - immediately dismisses radiators, whose performance operating pressure is less than in your system, or after repair in your apartment, go to the neighbors with repairs.We turn to the choice of the size of the unit, they must meet the power, and as if

this section radiators, contain the appropriate area of ​​heated space, the number of sections.It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that sometimes the width of the radiator when the desired capacity can not meet the recommended (it must be at least 50 - 75% of the width of the opening), in this case, select the radiator at a height so that it and the power of consistent andI entered under the window.Depends on the uniformity of the temperature distribution throughout the room than the radiator "deeper" and the lower the better.Choose a radiator with greater depth, if you are going to insert it into the niche.Note the distance from the floor to the radiator must not be less than 60 mm, and between the sill and the top of the radiator must not be less than 100 mm.Another important requirement is that the radiator - heat, that is, the power, the amount of heat that it is able to give the unit time to heat the room, the radiator power should allow him to do so.The radiator must be equipped with vent valves, Majewski, as it is called.This device will allow you to release accumulated in the air.For emergencies, set valves, shut-off the water.

power calculation:

  • in a room with two exterior walls and one window, the power is increased by 20%

  • With two exterior walls and two windows at 30%

  • with a window on the north by 10%

  • If the radiator is a deep recess 5%

  • If the radiator cover panel with slots for 5%.