Participants - young families.Age of the spouses shall not exceed 35 years.In addition, a party may be incomplete, and the family of one parent, whose age must be not more than 35 years.If you come on the designated conditions, you can safely take part in the program .
So, in order to participate in program , you need at the place of residence apply to the local authority the following documents: 1) an application in 2 copies, and 2) for each family member identity documents;3) marriage certificate (if incomplete family, not required);4) documents confirming that your family needs a house ; 5) documents confirming that your family is a solvent to make payments estimated the cost of housing in excess amount of the grant;6) information on the financial accounts and an excerpt from the house register.
After filing the local government is working to verify the information contained in the documents.And literally within 10 calendar days from receipt of the documents considered the question of recognition of your family in need of housing , then notify you in writing about its results.
At enrollment into the program your family gets exactly testimony.The validity of the certificate - 2 months from the date of issue.You give it to the bank, which is a partner of the federal program.Next, open a bank account for a nominal enrollment subsidies.Also in the bank, you can get a loan.Acquired loan mortgage property becomes your property, but at the same time issued a pledge to the bank.